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As you know, Jordan and I have been trying our best to get back on track this month and not spend more than we 'need' to.  There's always room for improvements, but I think we're doing pretty well.  As we made the decision to eliminate our allowances (just for the month) I'm struggling a bit when friends ask to go out to do something.

My best friend wanted to go out dancing this coming Friday and I told her why I wasn't up for it.  She's awesome, so it's okay and now we're brainstorming other ways to have fun.  So far we've come up with:
  • Potluck
  • Boardgame-girls night
I'm wondering though, what fun things do you do with your friends when your watching your pennies.  It's winter, so it's a lot harder I'm finding to come up with interesting things.  

I (and i'm sure she) would love to hear your feedback on this one!




  1. My GF and I had a girls night in last month and we did what we would have done when we were teenagers. We painted each others toe nails, face masks, watched a chick flick and drank wine!! It was actually a ton of fun!

  2. I'm always a big fan of spa-movie night.

    Face masks, nail painting, doing eachother's make up, and a good chick flick to end the night!

  3. We have board game nights and dinner at home. We bought the Entertainment Book, and so did some of our couple friends. So when we do go out for dinner, it is usually 1/2 price.

    We are starting to have theme movie nights. We will be having a Rambo night, Lord of the Rings night, Die Hard night, etc.

    I think having a girl's sleep over, or a potluck is a great idea. In the warmer months there are tonnes of free activities to do including festivals to go to.

  4. skating!!! My friend livea close to the rink so we than go back to her place for hot coco. But if your not as close to one as she is bring a large therm. full with you and warm cookies, keep in a heating bag.

  5. We are big on "wine night". Kind of like a potluck, but everyone either brings a bottle of wine or an appetizer. It's a lot of fun if your friends enjoy drinking! Sometimes we will do themes--wine from Germany, wines of Texas, etc.

  6. I was going to suggest skating as well. Is there an outdoor rink in your city? There's something especially lovely about an outdoor rink.

    The wine night is a good plan too. A fun twist is putting a bag on every bottle (like a brown paper lunch bag or something) so no one knows what the different wines are, and then rate which ones are best.


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