I said yes to the dress!

Last weekend my best friend A and I went, what we thought, we be a trial wedding shopping event. I wasn’t looking forward to it (I really don’t like shopping for clothes) and thought it would be similar to shopping for a bathing suit (really, who likes that?!). The plan was to come back at a later date with my mom and my other brides maid to make the final decision about what looked best.

We met at the first bridal store and were met by very positive people. I filled out a basic survey that asked questions about when the wedding was and what I was looking for. We then met with my consultant she asked, and I told her that I had no idea what I was looking for. On that note, she suggested that A and I go pick three dresses and she’ll go pick three and we’ll just start playing with different styles until we find the perfect one.

It was really fun!

The second dress I tried on was it! It fit perfectly, like it was custom made for my body! To be safe, we continued trying on dresses – I think I wound up trying ten different styles on.

I hadn’t intended on buying anything as my grandma had offered to make my dress – we really were just playing – trying to see what would look good. After the tenth or so dress, the consultant suggested that I put my first love back on. She took me to the big pedestal in front of the window which had the light shining in and the dress just sparkled! A cried a little, which made me tear up a little.

We talked a bit and thought (which was later confirmed) that my grandma wouldn’t have been able to make this dress – it was far too intricate (she’s a quilter and has made 3 other wedding dresses). After a few tense moments and a realization that I didn’t want anyone else to have this dress, and I decided to buy it!

My original budget was $500 because I had NO CLUE what a dress would cost – but figured that materials to make it would cost about that if my grandma made the dress. The dress I chose was regularly $1,250, but because it was a sample dress (even though no one else had tried it on before as it had come in that morning) she offered 10% off.

At the till, I asked her if we could get it under $1,000 and so we got it down to $990 plus gst.

So, I spent $1,039.50…. double the original budget. Whoops!

Both Jordan and I are perfectly okay the decision, and will find the money in a different part of the budget. The dress was too great to pass up. Unfortunately, I can’t share it with you because Jordan read’s my blog pretty regularly L but trust me – it’s gorgeous :D


  1. I'm so glad you got the perfect dress!

  2. Happy to hear you have your dress. It's a big decison and it sounds like you made a great one! I know you can't show us a picture but I do hope you can post a picture of the dress or you wearing the dress after the wedding!

  3. It seems that this year the currents in what concerns the wedding dresses don’t focus only on one style, on one particular type of fabric or a certain pattern. The brides of this year tend to apply for six different types of wedding dresses, which cover multiple areas and époques and themes.

  4. everyone told me, if it makes you tear up when you try it on, then it's THE dress. I think you did well on the price, even if it's more than you wanted to spend. Very happy for you!


    I hope you'll post a photo of it once the wedding happens.

    My original budget was $1000 for everything (accessories & alterations included). Yeah, I ended up doubling that.....

  6. Woohoo! Awww I want to see but I GUESS I can wait until after the wedding.

  7. Congrats on the dress! You must be getting so excited. I hope you share pictures after the wedding.

  8. Congrats on finding your dress! :)

  9. We'll have to wait to see the dress after he does. :) Isn't dress shopping fun?


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