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Yesteday I mentioned that Jordan and I were thinking about changing banks - well, we stopped thinking about it and just did it!  This is where we're at so far....

I transfered $1,500 from our house fund into our new joint Thrive account in case some of the auto-payments go through before our pay cheques go through.  I also left $500 in the old account for the same reason.  Hopefully, by the end of next month - we can close things off with CIBC.  I'm pretty sure we caught everything - it would be horrible to have forgotten and have a missed or bounced payment.

I'm especially pleased that the landlord is willing to accept e-mail money transfers, as with Thrive we only get 20 free cheques (and I need them to pay my horse board).

Have you switched banks recently?  Do you think I forgot anything?


  1. It's a very daunting task to change banks! I haven't done it for a couple of reasons, but one of them is definitely the PITA it would be to get all the auto-deductions and auto-deposits changed over. I swear the banks love auto-stuff because they know people are averse to having to get stuff changed over, so getting people to sign up for auto-stuff means they have a firm hold of your pocketbook!

    The other reason I haven't switched to a virtual bank is because we take large sums of money out of the bank once or twice a month to "live on cash", and I don't want to have to make phone calls to release money every couple of weeks. The amount we take far exceeds the average bank machine's limits, so... I stay with a regular bank and stand in line to get my money in person.

  2. congrats on the bank move, the $500 seems a safe move.

    I'm thinking about it but I'm a bit too chicken right now!

  3. I'm also very interested as I have almost all of my savings with ING anyway... But I'm wondering about all the hassle too.

    Good luck!


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