Engagement Photo's

Out of the 91 engagement photo's that were taken, we had to choose our favorite 10!  I was able to get it down to 30 fairly easily but I didn't think I could get it down any further.  I got in touch with our photographer and told her just that, and she gave Jordan and I one of our best Christmas presents.  We still had to choose our favorite ten photo's, but she's giving them all to us after the wedding.  The value of those photo's is $970.20.

I'm pleased to share that today we received our top ten! I'm so excited to start printing and sharing these that I thought I would share a couple with you!



  1. Lovely lovely. I have to tell you, they do such wonderfully different pictures compared to when I got married.

  2. Aww! That is so nice of your photographer!! :) And the pictures are great!!

  3. How nice of her!
    I also love what you're wearing. Is that a dress or a separate skirt? The pattern is lovely.

  4. Thanks All! It was a great day!

    @The Asian Pear - it's a dress :D

  5. Wowza! I LOVE that dress!!!

    Jessie your legs are TO DIE FOR! Jordan is one lucky boy. ;)

  6. @SS4BC - LoL, thanks!! I'll make sure to tell him!


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