$100 Diet

Like so many others, Jordan and I overspent over the holidays.  We had an amazing Christmas and New Years and don't regret a dime that was spent.  That said, we do need to get back on track.  With this month being our roommates last, things are even tighter then they would have been (as we don't have his $500).  So, we've issued ourselves a challenge.

We need to spend no more than $100 on ALL VARIABLE EXPENSES for the month. That includes groceries and gas....which is probably all we will spend it on - there's no room for entertainment here.

I imagine we'll be getting a lot of use out of our world of warcraft subscriptions (and my ancestry.ca subscription).

This is what this month's budget looks like:

There are no allowances or planned spending saving this month.  If we can stick to this, then we'll be 100% on track to get our savings back on track and our credit card in check

you may notice that there is about $130 that we're carrying over into next month - this is needed next month to cover an anticipated, one time, increased phone bill.

so...there it is.

Are any of you living on tighter budgets this month to play a bit of catch up?

I'd love to say that this was just because we didn't plan well, but we had two huge family emergencies this past year that depleted our Christmas and Emergency funds both times.  I'm looking forward to an emergency-free 2011.


  1. I am in the same boat as you this month. A lot of movie nights and homemade popcorn this month! :)

    But my only question is... $100 this month on groceries??

  2. ..yeah, it's a stretch goal for sure. Our freezer and pantry are both full - so it's really just fresh veggies and milk that we'll need to buy. We might not get there, but I'm hopeful :~)


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