Wedding Planning Update

Now that Christmas is over, my train of thought it changing to full-swing wedding planning. We got a few key items sorted out after we got engaged but then all things wedding came to a halt mid-November when we started gearing up for Christmas.

According to this Easy Wedding Planning Plus Guide that my Maid of Honour bought me there's certain things you need to have done in order before the wedding - as it turns out we're right on track for the 'get this stuff done before 9 months before the wedding'. We've even got some things done ahead of the books schedule.

This stuff is all done:
  • We've selected a wedding date: August 6, 2011
  • We decided we wanted to get married in my home town
  • We've talked about who will pay for what (Jordan and I will pay for everything equally)
  • We made a budget, and talked about it a lot
  • We've made our guests list and started collecting addresses (almost done)
  • We have reserved our ceremony/reception sites
  • We've selected and reserved our Justice of the Peace
  • We know our colours (lilac and charcoal)
  • We've selected and booked our photographer
    • we did an engagement photo session and got all of our pictures over Christmas - we chose our favorite ten which will get the final high resolution copies of in the next couple of weeks and we'll get all 91 of them after the new year.
  • Jordan ordered and received his passport that we'll need for our Honey Moon (I already had mine)
  • We've chosen our attendents
  • We've selected and book our caterer
  • We've started planning our Honey Moon (VEGAS!)
  • Find someone to do our cake/cupcakes :D (my cousins girlfriend)
We still need to:
  • Get our attire organized
  • Organize DJ and other wedding music
I'm hoping we'll sort out attire and music in January, after which, we'll need to focus on:
  • Reserve accommodation for wedding night
  • Sort out flowers/decorations for the venue
  • Organize and mail wedding invites (we're thinking around May with an RSVP date of June 15th)
  • Figure out if we need to rehearse anything
  • Sort out accommodation for out of town guests
  • Register for gifts
After all that's sorted we can thinking about the things we need to do 6-8 weeks before like getting our marriage license.  I won't list the other stuff out yet because we have a whole load of other things to think about first.



  1. That's a lot of stuff to get done. It sounds like you have a pretty good handle on everything so far. I eloped so I never dealt with all of the wedding planning.

  2. Man, so much stuff, sounds like you guys have it under control though! I hope you have at least one or two pictures that you can selectively share. ;)

  3. Sounds like your organization skills are paying off. Just one thing to say - Vegas in August is very hot.

  4. hope you meant your wedding is in 2011...otherwise you are LATE!

  5. Hey, I liked this approach. You are so organized. I think, I will also follow similar steps for my wedding in 2011. :)

  6. Wow I'm really impressed--you've gotten a ton of stuff done. You might want to start looking for your attire now, with all the sales. I waited until um, last week to buy all of my jewelry/shoes/accessories because of the after Christmas sales.


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