Negotiation Update

So the 2011 Ford Escape that we were meant to buy - was sold!  How frustrating!

Luckily, the found a very similar model that had all the same features we wanted plus a remote starter (which we wanted but had cut previously when looking at numbers).  Further to that, now that it's December instead of November there are different promotions going on.

We still have Jordan's Xplan pricing, but the extended term financing is $4,000 instead of $3,500 (which pays for the remote start).  We can also now get another $1,000 off for having a Costco membership.  All of that, combined with 1000 bonus Air Miles - makes me a happy camper.  We are losing out on the Winter Tire package - but Jordan can find those for a better deal anyway (and we won't have to finance them).


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  1. Woot for saving a little $$$. And having Jordan source the winter tires means you can get exactly what you need. Although you would think they would quit selling your car out from under you!


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