Saving Money Feels Good!

Our goals have changed so much (and so frequently) this year that I'm not going to do a 2010 goal recap post as so many people are right now.  Instead, we're just continuing to work towards our goals - and in January/February we should be able to really hash out exactly what we need for what goal - and make it happen in 2011!

I just deposited $500 into each of our top priority goals right now: Wedding Fund, House Fund and Emergency Fund! Our status bars while not at the 100% mark look pretty healthy - which is a pretty fabulous feeling!


  1. Great job on your savings!! It does feel great to see those bars raise higher & higher doesn't it!? :)

  2. I feel like the rising of the bars makes it feel a little more like the money doesn't just "disappear." Awesome work!


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