Short Update

Like most years, I wish that Jordan and I had put away more than we did for Christmas. I won't have final numbers until the middle of next week or so - but it's looking a little rough that's for sure.  Are you in the same boat that we are, or are you pretty good at forecasting how much you'll spend at Christmas?

I'm not just talking gifts - but we donate more, drive more, drink more and socialize wayyy more this time of year then any other time of the year.  I'm thinking next year we'll aim to save $1,500 or so to pad the December budget instead of the about $600 we had (the goal was $1,000 but with a few emergencies along the way that didn't exactly work out).

Other than the Christmas budget, things are really coming along smoothly.

This is my last couple of days at work before I have a week and a bit off - so really looking forward to having a break.  Jordan and I have the same week off in between Christmas and New Years which is a nice change.

We have a potluck at work today which I'm looking forward too - i brought hummus :D yum!

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!


  1. It happens to me too! Like you, the gifts are pretty bang on but it's the socializing that gets me. Also, I often forget to think about co-workers or neighbours. Oh yeah, and the extra cost for all the baking too!

  2. Ya, we were short by about $250. We saved about $1200 but should have aimed for closer to $1500 too. Next year we are upping our monthly Christmas savings contribution.


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