Networth Update

My detailed networth update can be found here, or you can follow the link from the badge below.

If you click on the link to check out my NetworthIQ profile, you'll see that this is the first time I've combined Jordan and my networth 100%. As we took the vehicle debt on jointly it only makes sense to add in our joint cash flow as well as joint retirement savings.  Some other details on how the networth is pictured include:
  • I addded Jordan's retirement savings to my own - as the vehicle debt is ours jointly. The vehicle is also listed as an asset, it will depreciate as time goes on (and the loan is paid off). 
  • Cash includes all planned spending savings accounts as well as emergency fund and wedding fund. 
  • Our cash for a down payment on a house in the 'house' section of assets. 
  • Actual value of my company shares is in 'shares' 
  • Cash set aside to purchase shares is in 'other assets'


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    2. I think it's great that you have a healthy net worth at your age. I wish I had been more money conscience in my 20's. Keep up the good work!

    3. Great job! And congrats on your new Ford!!!!


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