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I'm pretty excited!  Jordan and I are having our engagement photo's done this weekend in BC.  We've never had professional photo's taken, other then school class pictures - but I don't think that really counts.  I asked the photographer for advise on what we should do/wear and this is what she said:
In terms of prep, just have a think about what you want to wear and what kind of overall feel you're looking for (romantic, urban, quirky, in nature, etc). That will help me determine where we go for locations. If you have somewhere in particular you'd like to be photographed, please let me know and I'll go scout it out ahead of time.
In terms of attire, we'll have time to do two looks, if you choose. You might want to do one that's more casual and one more dressed up, or you might be happy in one outfit . . . that's great too. Don't worry about matching each other, but do take into consideration what the other will be wearing. It might look funny if you're in a sequined cocktail dress and heals but Jordan is rocking his favorite sweatpants ;)
Photographers often advice people to wear solid colors in darker tones, which are safe in terms of looking flattering. I vote for you wearing something you love, that speaks to who you are, and that you feel great in. Nothing translates better in photographs than confidence. If that means you wear a hot pink scarf, and yellow polka dotted jacket, so be it.

The total cost for the package that we're going for is $2,200.  That includes:

  • Engagement session, including 10 digital files
    • up to 2 hours
  • Ceremony/Reception session
    • 5 consecutive hours of photography
    • private online gallery for 90 days
    • complete set of digital files, licensed for personal use
      • approximately 250 photo's that she has professional re-touched
If we want to increase the length of time she's there on the day, that's fine - we just pay her hourly rate.  

This weekend when we meet, we have to bring a 40% retainer = $880!

It feels good to have this service secured, and we're so looking forward to doing this fun thing together!


  1. We're looking forward to seeing you!

  2. That sounds great. Isn't it fun to be planning your wedding... and all the exciting stuff that goes along? Just remember to relax and know that what will be, will be, and no amount of worrying and stressing and arguing will make the day better than just having the two of you together, in love, and joined for life!
    Enjoy your engagement photo shoot!

  3. Hey, enjoy your photos.
    By the way, I have announced about my Mr. Right now and now, I am also sailing in the similar boat that you are. I am also going to follow all these wedding blogs in your roll. Let's help each other for our big day. :)


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