We've Hit Our Limit

It's only the 27th of the month, and our budget is meant to last us until the 5th of the following month - and we've already hit our allotted spending cap - plus some Christmas Shopping!  We have 8 days to go, and I'm not sure that we'll be able to avoid spending....

I know Jordan will owe some to his food truck and we need to go grocery shopping too.

I'm doing my part by getting up a bit earlier this morning and having coffee and breakfast here.  I also made a stew last night for our lunches and Jordan's supper tonight - because I'm going to a friends.

We'll have to try hard not to go and spend more than is absolutly necessary....this will be the third month in a row over.  Though the first two had huge wedding purchases and this month had my trip to Ontario, a deposit for our photographer and car repairs.



  1. Mom in Vancouver27 October 2010 at 07:32

    So what is derailing you? Have you figured that out yet?

  2. When I do this months check-up we'll have three months, so I think that's enough to start looking for a trend.


  3. I blame your upcoming wedding for derailing you, because that's the same thing that has been derailing us for 6 months! Once we realized how bad it was, we started putting a lot more money towards it, but we're still going over in that category every single month. Oy vey!


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