So far, so good

My trip so far has been pretty good.  It's been a struggle to adjust to the time difference, even though it's only two hours ahead.  I miss Jordan and my house... the quite is very strange. I'm sure the next couple of days will fly by though.

Finances wise...

I had to put my credit card on the room when I arrived, which I wasn't expecting.  So Jordan and I might not be able to pay off the bill right away.  That said, we'll still be able to pay it in full come the due date (the bill just came today).

My office is right across the street from the hotel I'm in, so I can walk in the mornings which is really nice - but it also means I don't have a reason to take a cab or rent a car.  With no mini fridge in my room - I have to eat out for every meal.  It's not particularly healthy and it's pretty expensive.  I will get reimbursed for it all, but it doesn't feel very responsible.


  1. I just got back from a work trip! We were in Minnesota, and we were staying pretty close to a Target. However, my work REFUSES to cover food purchases from Target or Walgreens for some stupid reason. They would rather pay for more expensive room service where I waste half the food on my plate. I ended up buying some fruit at Target on my own dime, but I think it's so stupid they won't cover cheaper food purchases from stores. Have a good trip! :)

  2. Glad it's going well. It's too bad about the food, but salad can be your friend. And I apologize if I ever made you clean your plate if you were full.

  3. Thanks! I think salad's and the gym will be my friend for the next couple of days. Isplurged a bit last night and had a yummy steak! Expensive, but tasty....and I did clear the plate (whoops).


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