Getting Back On Track

Instead of writing another post complaining about how stressed out I am, I'm going to write a post outlining how I'm going to get back on track.  Some of these things I already took care of today, but writing it all out helps me see that I've actually acheived something.

  • Submit receipts for work visit to Ontario
  • Meet with manager to discuss trip and where I'm at locally
  • Close savings account with CIBC, I don't use it anyway and I want to simplify things
  • Change chequing account options with CIBC (move to a lower fee option)
  • Get Jordan to change his chequing account options as well
  • Visit my great aunt
  • Go home and visit my parents for a weekend
  • Confirm that Jordan submitted his expense receipts for his new work boots
  • Do a goal check up with Jordan, what do we actually want to acheive and is it realistic?
  • Plan and post a potential 2011 budget that aligns with those goals
  • Do a wedding budget check up with Jordan and post it
  • Do a current monthly spending check up with Jordan and post it
  • Sign and e-mail back venue contract
  • Sign and snail mail back photographer contract and deposit
  • Find a DJ
  • Figure out a plan/list of what needs to happen by when


  1. Not knowing exactly where you are getting married, this may be totally not that helpful, but if you are looking for a DJ in the east kootenays, I happen to know a fantastic wedding DJ. PM me!

  2. Now you have a plan. I bet you feel better!


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