Do you Bundle?

We currently have our TV, internet and phone services bundled with Shaw.  Normally we are pretty pleased, but leading up to yesterday the customer service has been pretty dismal at best.  The PVR was glitching, the prices went up b/c some promotions fell off, and I've spent far too much time on hold (over 45 minutes during my lunch hour yesterday).

Jordan and I went down to a physical Shaw location - after I was told that we could have a student discount applied to our services, but Jordan would have to take over the bill and there would be quite a bit of jostling to do.  Well, it turns out - if your nice to the lady behind the counter, it's not that hard to get your Shaw services sorted out.

She applied the student discounts to the account even though it was still in my name (I mean, we live together, so what's the big deal) and even gave us an extra $20 bill credit because while standing in line we discovered that we were being over billed for our phone service!

Because the bill for this cycle has already been generated I can't quite figure out exactly how much each service is now, but I know that it's around half what it was before.  It took about two hours yesterday (including on-hold time and waiting in line at the Shaw place), but I'd say it's well worth it!


  1. My friend Meagan just got a job at their customer service desk, but I wonder how many angry customers who were originally trying to get help on the phone she will have...

    We're bundling high speed and basic phone. It seems okay, but I've only had to call them twice, although their online moving service didn't do anything and I had to call them and get them to set it up, and the guy on the phone apologized an annoying amount.

  2. You can never let up on this stuff, it seems. But at least you have options in the city. I wish these companies would just give everyone a fair price, and treat them right. Surely business would be even more profitable if they didn't have to spend a fortune on customer support.


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