October Monthly Spend Report

Another month has flown by!

I don't want to get too detailed in commentary around the spending last month - but I do want to share that I am finding this processes is really helping identify our spending trends.  It's fascinating to see the break down like this.  I'll let you see for yourself:

We certainly eat out and drink more booze then I thought!  It feels like this is an area that we can really reign in.  This includes lunches while at work as well as eating out while traveling.  Travel this month include two trips into British Columbia.  When we do this, there is always going to be some eating out - but this feels high.  Naturally, the grocery's seem low.  
The wedding category feels high, because it is high.  That would be my engagement ring and the venue deposit. 

The rest of the categories seem pretty reasonable to me.  Travel was the flight to Vancouver which was subsidized by Air Miles.

If we don't include the wedding stuff....which tends to make me feel better about the over budget number - we would be over by $931. I attribute the eating out and travel to this....but really, it could also be booze....or other items as well.

Funny that we didn't spend anything on 'entertainment'


  1. Good job! Booze is one of our weaknesses, too! It's hard to reign in eating out when you are travelling. Please add me to your blog roll. I really enjoy your blog and always check it. Thanks!

  2. It's very helpful to keep track of where your money is going! I love that you are willing to share this with us!


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