Pay Statement

A while back I mentioned that at mid-October I would hit my EI then my CPP maximum.  Well, that time is here!  Whoohoo!  I've hit my EI max, so no more deductions for that, and I'm $49.05 from hitting my CPP max, so that will happen on the first pay in November!

I also just started contributing to my Pension at work!  I already have $611.52 socked away....how did that even happen?!  I love employer matched contributions!  This money is on top of the $25/week that Jordan and I each contribute to our personal RRSPs.  Eventually, I would like to increase our contributions, particularly Jordans because he doesn't have a pension or retirement plan through work.

I'm also very pleased that I'll be getting reimbursed tomorrow for all of my work expenses - to the tune of $2215.14.  It's quite a large sum of money that just sitting on my credit card begging to be paid off, so paid off it will be, tomorrow.



  1. Mom in Vancouver28 October 2010 at 17:40

    That will feel good, to get rid of that! The hotel we are at this time, billed us for 1 of the 3 nights at the time of reservation, which is really crazy. Its due now and we won't get reimbursed till near the end of next month.

  2. Employer matched contributions = AWESOME

    I never pass up free money.

  3. I keep telling my coworkers to maximum those employer matched contributions but some of them seem to be completely in the dark. It's free money! It's almost better than a raise!

  4. I love my employer matched RRSP!! Like Natalie, I don't understand why one wouldn't take advantage of it. I contribute my maximum 4% of my salary every 2 weeks and the company matches it...$2000 turns into $4000 with virtually no effort on my part!

  5. @ Judi & Natalie - here, here!


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