What's Next?

Now that Jordan and I are debt free, we are going to work on some of our short term goals before we ramp up our house fund.

Coming up right away are our:
  • Christmas Fund
    • Need to get to $1,500 in short order
    • This pays for gifts as well as decorations and extra travel
  • Travel Fund (new)
    • We would like to set aside around $500 for summer travel plans
    • If the house purchase goes through sooner rather than later, this could quickly be absorbed by the house fund
  • Emergency Fund
    • We would like to eventually have about $7,000 tucked away - but for now, I would be happy if we had $1,000.
  • Education
    • Jordan's going back to school
      • This will probably cost $100-$200 for books ect.
    • I'm going to start pursuing my CHRP
      • Over the course of a year, this is going to cost about $1,000
We've decided that education is a joint expense because the benefits (increased income) is a joint reward.


  1. Looks like you've really thought out your needs/goals so you can be realistic. That will sure work well for you.

  2. Good luck. Always good to have goal set, helps keep you on track.

  3. @ Mom - thanks! We're hoping we can get all the short term goals organised before Christmas - and then come January, we're going to save like it's going out of style for the house.

    @ Tech - Thanks!!

  4. Congratulations on getting to debt free!! I bet this feels absolutely fantastic!! Can't wait to see you guys reach some of those goals you've got on your list.


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