Non-Sufficent Funds

So...we're camping - but we do have Internet and e-mail access.

I was checking my online banking and realised that our newest roommates rent/utility cheque bounced!  This is as I'm re-configuring if we can pay of my student loans this month, so needless to say I was pretty shocked that we were missing $585!

We (relatively) calming sent new roommates (who's17) mom an e-mail.  We explained succinctly what had happened and asked for payment as quickly as possible.

We got a phone call from roommates mom at about 6pm this evening apologizing for the mix up.  She sent us an e-mail money transfer which came through at around 10:30pm.  So - fixed the same day, as far as ass ups go, we're pretty happy with the quick resolution.

We did mention to the mom (and she agreed) that e-mail money transfers would be the preferred way to handle bills going forward - so this shouldn't happen again.

* le sigh.

can we just buy a fricken house already?


  1. I hate when that happens! When something shows up on the account and then disappears. Good thing that his mom fixed it right away. I agree with the buying house part too. I don't have roommates, but I am sick of apartment living.

  2. Gotta like camping in the wilds of the Shuswap, with 3 laptops for 6 people!

  3. I did have room mates last year, but now we parted. And guess what, we really miss that living together. It's really a very good time that you spend when you are together and off course, it is good on your wallet too.


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