Going Camping

Jordan and I are gearing up for another week long camping trip! This time we're heading into the middle of BC where there's currently a fire ban :( So we may not need to bring as much firewood as we thought.

We're looking at a total travel time of about six hours, but we're going to stop at my parents place so it won't be straight there.  We're actually going with my parents, grandma and aunt - so should be excellent family time!

Tonight we gassed up the track and bought beer/rum/bottle of wine.  Tomorrow afterwork and Saturday morning we have to:
  • drop off some clothes at the donation spot
  • go to the bottle depot
  • pack our clothes, tent, sleeping gear and colman mini-fridge/plug in cooler
    • then we've got to pack the pickup
That's about it.

Once we get to the local - we'll go grocery shopping w/ the fam.

They are all staying in a cabin, and we'll have a tent - so we don't need to bring any of our cooking or primary camping gear, as we will be cooking w/ them in the cabin.

Hope you all have a great week!


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