Business Trip

Today I get to go on my first ever business trip. Okay, so it's not like I have a very long job history - two years at my current employer and a variety of other summer-style jobs while going to school., but I'm still pretty excited.  I think everyone at work knew too - I talked about it enough.

The travel company that manages all of our travel booked my flights and reserved the hotel .  I will have to pay for the hotel room, cab rides, and food - but it will all be reimbursed.  I just have to keep receipts and submit it when I get back - then I'll get paid on our next pay cheque (it will fall on the August 20, 2010 pay period).

Jordan and I talked about it and decided that I can use our joint credit card.  One, we'll get all the Air Miles from it, and two I'll get reimbursed on my pay that get's deposited into our joint account - so it makes sense because the joint card is paid from the joint account.  I suppose things like business trips are another reason to not reduce the credit card limit that BMO gave us.

I expect to spend about $200-$250 of my own money, and am comfortable with the repayment schedule.  Technically, I could have asked for an advance to cover any expenses - but then, if I owed my company anything - I'd have to write a cheque to them.  So I think I like this scenario better.

The Author over at Small Steps for Big Change has gone on quite a few trips for work - and I've enjoyed reading about them - it also makes me comfortable with this arrangement at work.

So why am I going?

We recently hired a new person for our regional team and she has no resources there, so I am going to show her some of our processes.  Basically how to do what we do and where to go to get it done - it should be pretty good!  My Boss has said if we don't get through everything in the day and a half he'll send me back in a couple of weeks - but we'll play it by ear.


  1. Have a good time. Find someone to go to dinner with you if you can.

  2. awesome! Have fun and I agree with your mom

  3. Wow that sounds like fun. Make sure you hold on to your receipts. This is usually a good opportunity to try new nice places for dinner too. :-)

  4. ooo how exciting. Don't forget to keep all your receipts in a safe spot. One of my friends has a journal with records of all her business trips for the past five years. She can just flip to a date and say 'oh we stayed here...good rooms..we ate here.....wasn't that great...and holy cab rides from the airport were $$$'

    Have a great time!


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