Joint Credit Card - Over Spending

okay...so this is the first month using our joint credit card and we still have 12 days left...and we've wayyy over spent.  We've over spent by about $500 already!

okay okay, it's actually $484.90 (that includes the $180 from our vacation)


There are a couple of problems so far:
  • We actually started using the credit card during the end of July for about a week 
  • The billing cycle is not month to month, so we've already paid the first bill
For those folks that use a credit card and budget monthly - how do you manage paying your credit card bill?  Do you pay it when you get it, or do you pay at the end of the month whatever you've allotted?


  1. My budget includes large payments that I pay every second week on payday. I have never paid just the minimum, but my balance is quite high (charged some things from our wedding and honeymoon.)

  2. Can you either make your month, for CC purposes match your billing cycle - you may have to have a skinny month to make this work, or, you were talking about seeing if you could change your dates.

  3. I have one credit card with a large balance that I put a lump sum payment towards once a month after the statement comes.

    The second credit card is my normal personal card that I use for day to day stuff and it has a zero balance (finally!) I pay it off immediately after I use it, or I forget that I used it and then very bad things happen to my budget!

  4. @ Shenanigans & payingmyself

    The credit card isn't credit card debt per say. We are using the credit card to manage all of our spending. So every month we'll be paying the entire bill.

    We're just trying to sort out if we should match our budget to the billing cycle or try to change the billing cycle...or what?!

    @ Mom - I thnk that may be easier...if we change our monthly budget to align with our CC billing cycle. I'll run it by Jordan tonight to see what he wants to do.


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