Camping Costs

So last night we had a family conversation about how we were going to pay for the week of having a cabin on a beach.  A few of us had made some assumptions and didn't ask enough questions (namely me), which is fine because my family is a great one to learn in.

While money isn't talked about, as a general rule, I should have known to ask how we were going to pay for everything.

We wound up counting tent days as half as a cabin day (so Jordan and I sleeping in a tent and my cousin and her friend outside wouldn't pay as much  as our mom's and grandma sleeping in the cabin).  It is fair however; for us to chip in some because we're using the amenities of the cabin (like the shower, the kitchen, the bathroom...etc.)

Food on the other hand we figured should just be divided up based on the total number of days each person has stayed.

I won't get into allll the details, but we wound up talking about it for a solid hour or so.  Jordan excused himself outside, I think in part because it's my family - but also because he shy's from heavy money conversations in general.

At the end, Jordan and I wound up contributing $100 for the total cabin bill of $980 and $80 for groceries (which, so far is exactly our 'fair' share).  There might be more groceries that we wind up buying - but we'll handle that when we run out of food.  If we want more booze (which I think we might) that's up to each group of people to handle.


  1. I'm glad you feel it worked out fairly. It was a hard but good conversation, I thought.

  2. $180 for food and a week on the beach sounds like a good deal. Enjoy!


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