Where The (Joint) Monies At

So, our roommate gave us notice a couple of days ago, along with May's rent.  We knew that he would be temporary (although I was hoping he would stay until July).  So far, it sounds like his friend that moved in at the same time, will stay.

As our joint account is based on bills for three people, we don't have to panic about finding a new fourth - but we're considering it.  For the last six months or so, we swore we didn't want more than three people in that house - but the two months we had of overlap was pretty great.  They guys got a long great, and helped out around the house. My mom suggested perhaps we look for a new fourth, but be very picky - because, why  not?

In our consideration for another roommate, I thought it prudent to check the numbers in our joint (bills) account - to see if we are in a position where we need another roommate, or it would be a luxury.

I  haven't gone over Jordan and my Joint account lately - so as a refresher here's how we figured out our joint contribution:

  • Rent ($1,350) less a roommates share ($500) and split two ways is $425/each
  • Max Utilities with three people is $150/each

Total bills for Jordan and I combined is $1,150.  That split by four (because we're both paid bi-weekly on opposite weeks) is $287.50.

Here is an image from my excel spreadsheet that shows where the monies at in the joint account:

In summary - I think we'll be fine.

It would be nice to have a larger joint cushion, but I think it's building at a pretty stellar rate.  Considering last month we bought a BBQ ($400) and we owed GST (~$200).


  1. You certainly have had to deal with a lot of roommate changes. I would be crazy at this point but you are handling it very very well :-)

  2. @ Jolie - it does seem that way. At least this time we knew he was going to be short term. Part of it is that Jordan and I are on a month to month agreement and are not comfortable asking someone to sign a fixed term.

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  4. It's all about options, isn't it? If you do go for a fourth roommate, I would definitely wait till you found the perfect person. And you're right, no point getting them to sign a fixed term when you could choose to leave at anytime.


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