Potential Joint Budget?

Below is a potential Joint Budget for Jordan and I once we become debt free and are in a home of our own.  A lot of the numbers are guesses, but I believe they would be fairly close to this (like my income and a mortgage, for example).

I wanted to throw it out there to get thoughts from people who budget with more than one income in mind - do my numbers seem realistic/fair?

Although most of the budgets I post are based on a bi-weekly scenario, please keep in mind this would be a monthly budget :)



  1. Looks pretty realistic, except for proprty taxes - I don't think your 1500 mortgage payment would cover them. Will J save for shiny things before you implement this budget???

  2. oh right! Property taxes.

    Before i update this, i'll wait and see if any other commenters have suggestions too.

    i just don't know about his plans - have to wait and see i guess. I'm still 7 months from being debt free yet...(wow! only 7 months)

  3. Would Jessie's and Jordon's fun include things like haircuts and spa appointments?

  4. @ Anon - I don't know about spa appointments - but defn. haircuts. It would include small gifts for friends/family - and any other day to day items that might come up.


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