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As most of you know I received a raise in pay that was effective as of April 3, 2010. This raise was 12.77%.  When I wrote about it I said it was 11.30% (I  had done the math wrong).  It's a pretty significant sum of money.  That said, for the two pay periods following my raise I asked for some of my banked time to be paid out so that I could finally pay of my Federal/Canadian Student Loan.

Today is my first pay day where I will actually see what I'm going to be making for the next year.

So, my first pay of each month will be $1,445.52 and the second will be $1,479.39 for a total monthly income (except for two pay's a year) is $2,924.91 (it was previously $2,623.21).  This is a little bit less then I thought (I had guessed closer to $1,500/bi-weekly) - so I've revised my bi-weekly budgets a tad.

Here is how we're shaping up for the next two weeks:

...here's the breakdown:

  • I have re-instated contributing to all of my planned spending/saving accounts.  I would like to increase these numbers but I won't be able to for a few months.  I've got a bit of a credit card bill left over from Palm Springs that I'm still hacking away at
  • Transportation budget has gone up by $50/bi-weekly for the summer months - we're bound to do more driving
  • Joint Account - same same
  • My Alberta Student Loan payment is set to be $300/bi-weekly.  This will have it paid off by December 24, 2010.
  • Car Insurance - is as per usual.  I'm hoping this will go down in October when it's renewed.
  • Visa Bill - this will be pretty steady for the next few pay periods


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  1. Oh, your student loan will be paid off just in time for Christmas! Its like a present to yourself!!! :D


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