One Car Family

Currently Jordan and I have a small truck (which we just paid off) and a small car.  We've decided, in the interest of becoming debt free as fast as possible and fast tracking our savings for a home of our own - to sell my car.

The small truck is the most versitile of our vehicles (for camping etc.) and the car, w/ its low mileage is the most sellable.

We've listed the car for $2,500, in hopes that we'll be able to come close to the $2,000 mark. Needless to say, I spent a few hours yesterday cleaning the car out and making it pretty for it's new owner.  In addtional to the money we'll get for the car, we'll also save on insuring a second vehicle and gas for a second vehicle - of course those costs will increase for the pickup - but it should sitll work out to be less.

Jordan and I will carpool, as i can drive right by his work on the way to mine.  In the summer, he'll likely walk/bike home.  Come winter, we'll re-evaulatue and might use some transit.



  1. it's worth it! We did this a few years ago and have very few conflicts. Sometimes I needed a ride to my sports if Boris was already using the vehicle for his sports. Since then we have purchased another vehicle but we went about 4 years with just 1. Good luck!

  2. My wife and I went with one vehicle for a long time as well. It worked out that I only lived 4 miles from work and at times she wasnt working. It definitley pays off if you are able to make the sacrifices that come along with it. But there are some positives that come out of it in addition to the money. You get to spend some more time with you significant other while driving to work. Its a good time to talk about the day. Good luck with this new adventure.

  3. Sounds like a great plan! I hope it works out for you, and that you get your asking price! Good luck.

  4. Sounds like a smart plan. Get that SL paid off! It's starting to feel like an anchor, isn't it?

  5. We're a one car family too. I've always relied on PT to get around, so the only problem really is when the car breaks down and T needs to get to work (moot point at the mo) or right now, when someone rearended us and we need to get it into the shop. We're waiting until they have a courtesy car available, though, cause we still need to grocery shop and whatnot, which requires a vehicle


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