Weekend Update

Good Morning All!

I hope you had a great weekennd!  I went back home to visit my mom for Mother's day.  I went on Saturday and came back Sunday - so it was a very quick visit, but an enjoyable one!  Coincidentily, when we stopped by my grandmother's house to say hi, three sets of aunts/uncles stopped by as well - so I really got my visiting in!

I'll need to fill up my tank now (~$30) which is a week early then normal - but I was good and didn't buy a bunch of crap to eat for the drives there and back.

While I was there we did a lot of talking and catching up which was nice.  I also helped my mom w/ some yard work.  We're having a family get together at their place in a couple of weeks - so it was nice to get some work done now.

What did you do for mother's day?

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  1. I was on a camping trip with my Brownies which was nice but I didn't really get to see my mom until after suppertime :(

    I got her a card, some scratch bingo tickets and some TV bingo tickets. Glad you had such a great weekend and were able to catch up with family!!


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