Update - Visa

Thanks for all of the feedback/support yesterday!  I wasn't sure how folks would respond to using my emergency fund to cover everything.

The transfer's came through, and my visa is now sitting at a $0 balance.  I've got a bit of money left over for when the part we had to buy for the truck gets posted to the account. It's a mixed emotion I have about paying it off, I'm happy that it is once again a zero balance - but I'm disheartened that it got that bad again.

That said, I'm looking forward, to moving forward.

My next focus, aside from re-establishing my/our emergency fund will be to get my final student loan paid off.  I think I might have debt fatigue...le sigh.

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  1. Moving forward is the way to go. Not much point in dwelling on the past. Focus on today and the future and you will be just fine. And now you really know how easy CC's sneak up.


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