Happy Anniversary

to my mom and dad!

Today we are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary!  We're having a big party at their house - I imagine 25-30 people or so will swing by today.  We've got a list of items things to do before we're ready:
  • Mow the lawn
  • Get the ribs marinating
  • Sweet up the house
  • Get beer in the fridge
  • Make potatoe and egg salad
  • Make green salad
  • Pick up large table from my aunts
  • Set up the back yard
  • Vaccume the house
  • Unload firewood from the truck
  • Move the flower planters to the front of the house
  • Buy some chips and dips


  1. It was a great party. Thank you for all your help. And while i was flippant last night when I said patience was the key to 30 years, I really do believe that it is a combination of commitment, love as a verb, and falling in love over and over with the same person.

  2. So tell us ... how many times this weekend did you hear "So Jessie, when are you next (ie. getting married)?" LOL.


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