are you finished yet?

I'm starting to get this itch, it happens ever year. 

A week or so ago I posted my final Christmas Spending Tally, signifying that I was indeed finished spending this Christmas.  A couple of days ago, the last item that I ordered online finally came in the mail - another indicator that I was finished.

 I can feel it building inside me.

I want to do more, get more, spend more on the people on my list.  There are a few things in particular that I really want people to get for Christmas.  I've been reaching out to see if others are getting these items for them - but if they don't, I fear I will break out the proverbial cheque book - and just keep shopping.

I need to not.


  1. You are enough of a gift, by yourself, for anyone on your list. Resistance is NOT futile!

  2. This year I've done no shopping my wife has taken care fo everything. it feels so strange not to shop for christmas presents.



  3. I know! It's hard. I am 99% finished. Just the little notes and ribbons on the presents and I will be done. :)

  4. I am waiting for one delivery of some other gifts. Still need to buy for Mr. Saver (not easy!) and an infant (so easy!). Typing this as I sit surrounded by bags of gifts in my office, begging to be wrapped.

  5. I do the same every year- I finished all my Christmas shopping two weeks ago and just this morning bought some truffles to add to my SO's gift.
    I really have to resist the temptation to buy more, I know it's not necessary.


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