Roommate Wanted...

It would seem, that once again, that Jordan and I need a roommate.

Last night roommate gave his notice.  He has a friend in need, and he's going to move in with her to help her out.

I'm tired and frustrated - didn't sleep well at all.  Everything was just humming along - and now we have to try to find a roommate over Christmas/News Years.  I think the chances are slim to none, Jordan thinks we should stay positive because otherwise we'll be grumpy and without a roommate.  He also said we set ourselves up to fail if we think we won't get a roommate right off the bat.  He makes a couple of good points, so I'm going to try to stay positive.

I posted our old add (that got us this roommate) on  Facebook, and will put it out to a few other places as well.

We shall see.


  1. Sorry to hear that! I know how frustrating that can be. Is it an option to have your next roommate sign the lease? That way they can't just up and leave without proper notice or compensation.

  2. @Financial - We're paying month to month now, we aren't on a set lease - otherwise I would jump right on that!

  3. Ohh Jessie. I wondered why I didn't hear from you again last night. Make a poster and put it up at the University and Mount Royal - new students start in Jan. and old students might hate their roommates. My fingers are crossed for you! It will work out!

  4. Oh no! :(

    That's so unfortunate for you guys!

    I hope everything works out for you guys. *fingers crossed*

  5. Oh, that sucks. I hope you find a new roomie soon!

  6. Sorry to hear that. :( I remember what it's like trying to find a roommate. That sucks. On the flip side, if he's now given you his one month notice, it's actually not bad. For some odd reason, people often move around the new year! Good luck with the search.

  7. Oh no! So sorry to hear that.

    I bet you can't wait till it's just you and J in a place of your own.

    One of our flatmates is moving out in two weeks. So our rent will be going up slightly (not tons, as Flatmate 2 is moving from his glorified closet into the exiting one's big room, so we're splitting his old rent's difference).

  8. You guys seem to have a lot of trouble with roommates. Why not try renting a cheaper place instead?

  9. @ All - thanks for all the support. I've posted a couple of ads, so hopefully we find someone soon!

    @ Manshu - Thanks for asking!

    I've lived in this place for over three years now...it's not just a house to me anymore, it's where I'm making my home (up until the point where Jordan and I buy something of our own). There are a few, less emotional, reasons why we choose not to move:

    1. Moving is expensive
    2. We risk losing our down deposit (and another should we move into another rental before buying a home)
    3. We know this landlord well
    4. We just recently got a rent decrease from $1,500/month to $1,350/month.
    5. Jordan and I can handle $675/month each (although we would prefer not to - which is why we look for roommates).
    6. In all the years I've lived in this place - the last six months has been the only when we've had roommate trouble...

    and finally - when my brother moved out a few months ago, we spent a lot of time looking for a new place too - and really didn't find somewhere that fit our needs and our budget as well as this place does.


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