November Goals - ReCap

Here was my list of goals for the month of November:

  • Clean up Halloween decorations within the first couple of days
  • Resist decorating for Christmas until the last weekend of November
    • I wound up starting to decorate the second weekend in November
  • Start Christmas shopping
    • We're almost finished!  We have three people left to buy for and then each other!
  • Have a fabulous time visiting my mom
  • Reach 2009 goal of $1,000 in my emergency fund
    • This will happen by the end of December
  • Reach 2009 goal of $3,000 in RRSPs
    • This will happen by the end of December
  • Bank at least 30 hours of overtime
    • I'm at 35 hours!
  • Receive final utility cheques from my old roommates



  1. Sorry - the colors/font did something funny and I can't quite fix it

  2. LOL I couldn't read most of it on my RSS reader because of the white background.. now I can that I've come here. =)

  3. Congrats on your goals for November!! :)


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