denied... no CHRP for me in 2010.

I recently wrote about my desire to achieve my CHRP designation and my application to receive an award through work that would pay for it.

Unfortunately, I wasn't selected as a recipient. I was right at the cut off line :(

Dear Jessie,
On behalf of the Regional Directors and the Continued Learning Awards Review Panel, we would like to inform you that your application has not been retained for a Continued Learning Award for 2010. Thank you for your interest and we appreciate the efforts put into your application preparation. We also wish you the best in the continuation of your program.
You will receive an announcement letter in the mail in the next week. If you have any questions, please contact the CLA Review Panel member for your region.

Unless I come up with $1,500 on my own, it's not in the cards this year.


  1. Sorry to hear that - can you reapply next year?

  2. Too bad. Well the more experience you gain, the easier it will be later. At least you were considered.

  3. That is unfortunate but honestly it is not worth $1,500 out of pocket for it. I have my CHRP and so far it hasn't helped me in any way that I am aware of. Of course, my work paid for it. Otherwise I would not have gone for it. It still has value though so don't get me wrong. It's just not a HUGE value.

    Wait till next year and try to get funding again. You will get selected eventually. I have also been denied funding for courses so I can understand the disappointment.


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