Updated Tracking Numbers

Today was pay day - so I have updated all of my tracking numbers. I am quite pleased to say that I am on track with my credit card. I now owe $1368 on it! My student loans are creeping downward ever so slowly and I am really looking forward to being able to up the debt repayment on those soon.

In terms of savings I hit the 25% to my goal with my EFund. I've manged to sock away 907.50 towards my goal of $3550!

J and I's house deposit is also inching up - making good progress there. We have saved 5% of our goal of $35,000.

My new bank account that I set up with ING is working out well too! I now 'pay myself' an allowance of $250/every two weeks. Originally it was going to be $300, but I think until the CC is paid off, $250 is more realistic. So that $$ goes into a seperate account. This is for all of my variables from fun money to groceries. So far, so good!

I have made some changes to my budget as well. This budget is for both the months May and June. With having the seperate account for all of my variables (which has noooo overdraft) it should be *impossible* for me to overspend if I don't use my CIBC debit/credit cards.


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  1. Congrats! It sounds like you are slowly making progress and when it comes to pf - that is the best way.


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