Bi-weekly Budgets - update

I forgot that my student loans will also be coming out in the next two weeks, so I have updated my fixed items. I also realized, that i don't need to buy $200 worth of groceries all in the first two weeks of this month. So I'll now plan on spending about $100 on groceries over the next two weeks, and I'll worry about the end of the month later on.
Those two items almost cancel each other out. I now have $103.74 for the next two weeks. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything else...


  1. Some people to 0-based budgeting, where you give every dollar a job. thus, if you plan to spend $50 going out, you budget that. If you plan to spend $50 on clothes, you put that in, so the bottom line is zero - a balanced budget

  2. hmm... interesting... so they try to have zero left over all the time?

    I figure there's bound to be something i need and or want and if i don't have a few bucks set aside is stresses me out.


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