Investing Time

How much time do you spend on your personal finances? Is it enough, or too much?
I think when you first start budgeting and planning you can start investing a lot of time. I review my budget, and tracking numbers at the very least each week. I’m hoping to eventually do it just on pay periods, and then eventually monthly.

I would estimate that I spend about 2-6 hours each week, thinking about, writing about, or talking about my finances. It is overwhelming to say the least.

So one of my new goals will be to let the plans that I have set up work, what I mean to say is to just leave my auto debits-credits and what not alone. Plans need to have time to work and mature. This will be hard for me, and probably won’t happen right away. I need to be confident that I have thought them through and I will pay of my debt, and reach my savings goals.

I need to remember to have a little fun, and talk about things other then money too!

So, how much do you spend on your personal finances?


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