Spend Less Money

Alternativly, to making more money, I could spend less money.

Give Me Back My Five Bucks recently posted asking her readers what their barebones budgets looked like.

This is what my barebones budget looks like:

This Hearth & Heart budget assumes that I am still employed. I have paid upfront for parking, which is why it and gas is still included. If I cancelled my cell phone I would be out $300, which is why it is still listed. I took out my Visa payment b/c I wanted to see how much $$ I would have leftover to put towards that.


  • Hearth & Heart = $1,109.55/month

  • House Fund & RRSP (which is my future Hearth & Heart) = $ 400.00/month

I could potentially put away $1070 in total on my credit card each month! This includes the current repayment of $600. That is an additional $470.

This would mean giving up all personal spending, restaurants spending, my emerg fund, WOW, my 'other' fund, and my gifts fund. They would all go on hold. Until my silly CC is paid off and fed to a dog. A mean dog.

So... What do you think?

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  1. How Bad do you want it?? You might consider doing this as soon as you get your Efund to 1 months barebones - then slam your CC, then resume all other savings and life.


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