Current Budget

Our budget has had so many changes over the last few months, it doesn't make a lot of sense to post our current spreadsheet. It's like a curving road...or maybe
I made that analogy because
I like the picture.

Starting with my maternity leave - we had two months before my EI was processed, so we were living just on jordan's salary.  Following that we've had a month with EI, before my employer paid top up started.  That only lasts 15 weeks before we're back down to just EI - so come the end of January, that's over.  We're in the middle of selling our home, and house hunting - so there's bound to be more an more changes over the coming months.

We're not doing any automatic savings, just doing sweeps when we can and keeping on top of everything as we navigate the coming changes.

I do have a rough budget if we find ourselves on Jordan's salary only after my EI ends and before I find my next job - I do also have about 25 weeks of severance, and a lump sum payout of 5.5 weeks of vacation hours or so.

Oh! and there's the lump sum payout of my employee owned shares that's coming in February.

So, long story short - things are changing so much, I don't have a solid budget for the whole year to post.


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