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So much has changed since I started this blog in January, 2009.

We have paid off my student loans and personal credit cards and built up Jordan's credit from scratch (he didn't get his first credit card until he was 25).  We've dealt with frustrating roommates, bought a new vehicle, designed and built a house, planned our own wedding, got married, adopted two dogs and went on an amazing honey moon in Las Vegas and then... we paid off more debt.

We've both been blessed by our careers - having strong earning potential that's been recognized by our employers  time and time again which has enabled us to continue to reach out and meet our financial goals.  We both are coming up on our five year anniversary's with our places of employment.

My father passed away in early 2012 and I find myself rethinking priorities all the time - at home, at work - everywhere.  I miss him so much, and I think of him ever day.  Every time Jordan and I work through a challenge, or have good news I think about calling him - and then I remember that I can't.

Our family dog of 14 years passed away in late 2012.  Over Christmas, 2013 my mom was ready to adopt a new dog, and Rider joined our family.  Our dogs, Aries and Baxter, love playing with Rider!  

Jordan and I spent a few years thinking about and planning to start our own family

In 2015, we lived apart for 7 months, sold our house, moved to BC, and had a little baby boy!  Not to mention, I was also laid off just before my maternity leave started - it was quite a hectic year.  We still managed to go camping, and spend time together as a family doing lots of free things.


  1. As a "kid" starting out I think that you have taken steps that most of the youth do not even think about. I am sure that you will have a great future and will be an asset for any company that you work for. Just the view of a granfather who has lived through the ups and downs of life.

  2. I there, I just wanted to say i like your site. I too started a blog to help me take hold of my debt.
    Good job thus far, keep up with the savings they look good.

  3. Hey there...again. :o)

    I've added your site to my blogroll. just thought to give you the heads up.


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