Kitchen Cabinet Handles Help

Okay, so we have our kitchen cabinet handles narrowed down to these two - what do you guys think? I really wanted the one on the right, until Jordan found the one on the left, and now he likes the one on the right and I'm more partial to the other....

There is a $2 price difference, and we need about 30 of them.

Oh! and here's a link to our fridge if that helps.  We're going with all slate appliances.




  1. There's really not much difference between the two--especially in the big picture. However, if I had to pick, I like the cheaper one.

  2. Does one match your faucet fixtures better? The one on the right looks more muted and maybe less fingerprinty. I know when I have watched Tommy Smythe pick out door handles when he had two that were similar he went with the one that felt better on the hand when you pull.

  3. You're going to love the slate appliances... my sister got hers last year in her brand new house. I got mine at the same time (reno) and went with stainless... fingerprint-y but I live alone so I manage the best I can.

    For the handles, I matched mine the best I could with the fridge door handles... both of yours look good.

  4. See which one has the greater clearance between handle and cabinet. Get the one that gives you more room.


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