Roommates = Stress

*note, I wrote this post on Wednesday evening and it is set to post for Thursday morning*

So as most of you probably know, we recently took in a roomate to help lower our costs.  Great idea!  In theory...

Our new roomate seemed great (and still personality wise, seems really nice and outgoing).  She paid her damage deposit in full - no issues.  We even let her start moving in early....so that it would be easy and comfortable for her.Unfortunatly, I feel like I'm being strung along with the first months rent.

I ask that my roomates give me a post-dated cheque a day or two before the first of the so that everything's all organized and I only have to make one trip to the bank.  On the August 31st, I made mention of a cheque and she said she'd have the money for me the following day (today).  After work, she told Jordan she was heading to the bank and then to go shopping and would return with the rent money.

We just got home from doing some running around (looking at a fabulous couch that I'll post about later), and when I come home there was no $$ to be seen.  Jordan (who's muuch better at hard conversations then I am), knocked on her door and asked what was up.  She said her student loans havn't gone through, and her employer hasn't paid her yet - so she doesn't have the money.  She HOPES she'll have it for tomorrow but said it might not be until the end of the week.

I get that these things can happen (with student loans) but come on!  How about some notice!  She could have told me a few weeks ago that finances might not be aligned so that I could plan for this.  As it is, if my landlord deposits my rent cheque on time, I'll have over draft fines and interest to pay.

Thanks new roommate.

She said she'll pay upfront for the next several months once her financing goes through, but Jordan made it clear that this cannot happen again.

I'm not completely writing this whole roomate thing off, I beleive that it really was a mistake and she feels super guilty about it.  Unfortunatly all the guilt and 'im sorrys' don't help start our roommate relationship off on the right foot.

one more day until I am credit card debt free!!


  1. I have had my own set of roommate "delays." It's sooo hard to have a balance between nagging and being understanding. How much are you charging her, by the way? I take it you and Jordan live in one room, she in the other? Was she a friend before? I guess I missed the earlier post about the new roommate. Either way, don't let her push you around. The best way to deal with it is to talk about it. That's also kinda hard. Good luck!

  2. Aw, suck. I assume it was a surprise to her too, if she usually is paid on time and all that. Hopefully it works out.

  3. That is... well terrible. I really hope she ends up working out. I mean, communication is key people!

  4. @ MPP - there are 5 of us sharing the place, her room is $500, which is 100% reasonable for where we live. She wasn't a friend, she's someone that goes to the same school as a different roommate.

    @ Forestine - Yeah, though she sooo should have told me AS SOON as she thought her funding wouldn't go through.. she obviously knew on Sunday/Monday if not before.

    @ Serendipity - me too! She's nice, so it would be good if she can stay, but I've worked wayyyy to hard to dig myself out of debt and I am not willing to let someone else's poor planning mess me up.

  5. Ah, the funs of having a roomie. I'm really sorry this is happening. I hope you are able to cover the expenses (so that you can be credit card debt free tomorrow - congratulations).

    And that is nice you have a friend who will ask the roomie the hard questions (I hate doing that).

    That's wrong. I mean she knew she was moving in and would have to pay the deposit & RENT. Why did she think she would be able to prolong the rent.

    That really is a bad way to start out a living situation.

    moral of the story: ask for deposit & 1st months rent up front.

    I hope it gets cleared up quickly.

  6. Ugh. How frustrating for you guys! Hopefully she will have the money in hand tomorrow! Keep us updated :)

  7. Can you transfer her DD to your checking to prevent OD charges and then when her rent clears put it back?

  8. Oh man, do I feel you on this one. I think I may have to write my own post on this!!

  9. I really feel for you! Our "room mate" moved out yesterday and it was such a huge big sigh of relief. Hope everything works out!


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