utilities and settling up


Bills, do they every take a month off?

Shaw is $101.73
Enmax is $133.73

Total is $235.46 - total for each of the four of us is $58.87.  Why so super cheap?  Do you remember a while back I told you that enmax over charged us for electricity usage?  Well, we caught up to ourselves this month and that portion of the bill was only about $2.

Settling Up

Now that the bills are in, it's time to settle up with our roommate who recently left.  

Damange Deposit $500
Damage                     0
Bills                   (58.87)
New Key          (10.00)   he lost his....
Parking              (25.00)  his car is broken down in our parking spot.  we're charging him $25/week                   until he moves it

Total Refund $406.13


  1. No, Jessie, Bills never take a month off. Ever.

  2. How long is the car going to be parked there? Personally, I would withhold the refund until he moves the car. If you are charging him a "parking fee" then his refund can be a deposit and you can refund the final amount less the appropriate parking fees, when the car is moved. Unless you have a way to recoup the "parking fee" after the car has been moved?



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