Bi-Weekly Budget & a Question...

The Breakdown:
  • ING Transfers have no changes = $275
  • Transport/Food/Entertain/Other categories have no changes = $300
  • Joint/Bills Account has no change  = $287.50
  • Student Loan has no change = $300
  • Bank Fees - same same
so what changed, and where's my question?

My horse board up until this point has been $165/month.  During the first week of July my boarder stopped feeding hay and Starlight is now on full pasture.  He has kindly pro-rated what I over paid for July and thus I only owe $27.50 for the month of July.

What do you think I should do with the left over $275 this month?

I'm inclined to just make an extra student loan payment, but if you look at any of my 'funds' on the side bars   ------>>>> Do you think I should put the money in any of them?


  1. I can see why you'd want to put it to your student loans, but I can also see a benefit of putting some in your emergency fund. Maybe a combination of the two?

  2. I happen to know that you have lots of birthday's in July. I would hit that Christmas/Gift fund, unless you have a "no gifts while we are saving $$ thing" going on.

  3. If it were me I would out it al on debt but I think the best thing to do is maybe half to the student loan and the other half to an emergency fund.

    All my money right now is going to debt and then I'll start my emergency fund but I know my advice is better than my actions :/

  4. I always split extra "surprise" income in half -- one half to savings, the other to debt!

  5. I'd say stick with your first instinct, since it's possibly your first instinct for a reason. However, "Mom" makes a good point, being that if you know that one of your savings categories is soon to take a significant hit, it might be a good idea to pad it when the oppourtunity arises... I'm not a good person to take financial advice from though ;-)

    Just sayin'

  6. I personally would go straight towards debt. focusing money on one thing will get it done faster and free up money to focus on another thing.

    Straight towards one of the debts. that is what I would do.


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