Another Pair of Shoes

When Jordan and I were out and about the other day - we found an amazing pair of shoes (in addition to the riding boots I told you about last week). Asolo is apparently an excellent, high quality brand of shoe.  they are very comfortable and will be perfect for camping and light hiking.  The support is good, so I shouldn't role my ankles.


You can see that the shoes were regularly priced $200 and I bought them for $120 - that's an $80 savings or 40%. Yes, these are still expensive - but I'm tired of $20 walmart shoes that hurt my feet and don't last longer then a couple of months.  These baby's should last me a long while and keep me comfortable!


  1. Nice purchase! And solid shoes are important. If you hurt your feet in cheap shoes it will be expensive to fix them. Think of this as preventative measure. :)

  2. @ Financial - I like your style!! It's an investment.

  3. My DH just bought a pair of these also on sale at REI he loves them, he was able to hike the first time out with no problems at all.. good luck hope you like them as much as he does


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