Grant Money!

Jordan got a fantastic letter in the mail yesterday.

As part of his apprenticeship he'll be receiving a $1,000 grant to be deposited within the next ten days.  He had applied and we've been hoping for it for the last few weeks, but getting the confirmation letter sealed the deal!  He'll also be eligible to apply for another $1,000 grant when he completes his second year and a final $2,000 grant for completing his third year and the program.

Currently, he's planning on giving me $500 to replenish my emergency fund.  We had depleted this when we had truck problems last month.  He had also wanted to buy me some winter boots - and the rest? I'm not too sure.  Both of our birthday's are next month so he may be saving some for that.  I know that he's also looking forward to just having a bit of fun/play money for a while.

Hurray to Government grants. Thanks!


  1. congrats.... free money is always nice.

  2. Grants are great! And so is sharing....

  3. Congrats to him!!
    How old are you and Jordan? I'm just curious!!

  4. @ Anon - I'm 25 and he's 26


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