New Shoes!

Aren't they just beautiful!

I've been on the hunt from some new ropers that are functional riding boots.  I  also wanted boots that I could wear doing other activities (light hiking, camping etc).  There are so many 'cowboy' stores in my city - but so many are just for looks.  With stampede coming the fake cowboy fever is hitting this city with full force - so it's been a bit of a challenge.

Can you see those tags! I saved $65 or 52% of the original price!


  1. Sweet! Do you go to the Stampede? I would looooove to one day go!

  2. @ The Asian Pear - Thanks!

    @ Girl Makes Cents - We usually go play tourist once or twice during the 10 day run - it's super expenseive though, so you've got to plan for what activities you want to do. This year - I hope to see some of the rodeo.

  3. There's nothing like 1/2 price, unless it's more than 1/2 off.


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