Thanks Girl!

Back in the beginning of May, Girl Makes Cents mentioned offhandedly that Proctor and Gamble had a brand sampler package available.  All you had to do was sign up on their web page, and you could get a whole bunch of free samples!!

Well, I had some free time so I clicked the link and signed up - I then promptly forgot about it.

When I walked in the house on Friday, my roommate handed me a package.  He asks me to open it and exclaims that he tried to sign up and get one too but they weren't offering them anymore (there was a website on the outside of the package).  It was my P&G free sampler package.

I'm really looking forward to trying out these items and will be sure to tell you if I've been converted to any of these products!



  1. I just got mine, too! Hooray for a new razor!

  2. @ Seenonflickr - Had you forgotten about yours too? It was such an awesome surprise, wasn't it!


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