Updated Status Bars

My Canada Student Loan is down to $1,639 for a total student loan debt of $6,843 – wahoo! Finally under the $7,000 mark.

Our house fund is coming along really nicely. We’re at 41.72% of our first goal which is 5% of $250,000. Isabelle actually gave us $200 last night to add to this account. She really appreciates all the energy and time we put into helping her out around the house and doing shopping. We’ve never asked or expected anything – and when we try to say no, it seems as if it’s insulting her. So, we’ve given up saying no – and just taken to being very appreciative with lots of hugs (they are her favorite).

My emergency fund and RRSPs have been pretty stagnant the last couple of months – but that should change once I’m back from Palm Springs.

I managed to put $25 into my Christmas fund – I’m not too worried about that one, but I’d like to have closer to $1,000 by December vs the $500 I had last year.

I’ve deleted my clothing fund as I’m taking that $475 to Palm Springs with me – for whatever extra expenses come up. They’re will be some clothes I’m sure, some food and beer. I’m not sure how much to chip in for accommodation as I’ll be there for four full days (and two sort of quarter days) – but Best Friend is looking into that. I’m planning on buying some American money today/tomorrow once the transfer goes through from ING to my main bank.

That’s it for updates – have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Jessie, we found it cheaper to use a C/C because you pay a fee for the US $$ and, if you have some left, you pay a fee to convert it. Unless you want to be sure you only spend the money you have.

  2. Gorgeous, growing status bars!


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