This Weekend...

Canada won gold in men's hockey!!!!

also some other things happened, but probably not anything as interesting....

It feels like this weekend has lasted forever - which is really weird because usually they go by so quickly.

On Friday roommate number 4 and 5 moved a bunch of things to the house - so naturally after work I did a bunch of housework and what not.  We had to clean out our spare room, which we'll be renting (fully furnished) to roommate number four's friend (roommate number 5) for a couple months.  I wound up vacuuming the stairs which only served to remind me that it should be done wayyyy more often!  how often do you vacuum by the way?

On Saturday we did a tonne of running around!  I had to renew the registration for my car (about $75 and we picked up a bra that was getting repaired ($15 to fix a $200 bra) - later on Jordan got a desk and an office chair so he can work/play more comfortably on his laptop, and I picked up an inexpensive shelving unit for all the scrapbooking things that i'm slowly starting to acquire.  When we finally got home (we did a lot of price comparisons which meant driving all over the city) - we wound up completely re-arranging our room and building the new furniture - it looks pretty great in here!

Today we got up early to do a Costco run for my great aunt.  I've never been to a Costco when it opens at 10:00am on Sunday morning and I don't think I'll ever do that again!  There was an insane line-up!  Seriously, a line up for Costco.  There weren’t any special sales, it was just an average Sunday afternoon.  I made Jordan take a picture for the sole purpose of sharing it with you.

Once at my aunts we did a short computer lesson (she's 80, just got a laptop and wants to figure this whole e-mail thing out and did a few odds and ends around the house (this usually involves changing a lightbulb).

We got home in time to watch the hockey game.  In the middle of that new roommates finished moving in and shortly after old roommate finished moving out.  phew!  Jordan and I finally got around to folding all of our clothes...I think just about ever last scrap of clothing we own was in the basement on the couch.  It was pretty bad, but now everything's all put away in it's place.  It's going to be nice waking up in the morning and knowing where to find socks! We also wound up with a big box of clothes to go to charity.

At the end of the evening I decided to try my hand a bread again - this time I made two loaves, 10 buns, and 10 cinnamon buns.  So far so good!! This time I let things rise a bit better so i think the results will be much tastier (also used half whole wheat flour).

Aside from all of that - we've been intermittently working on a 1250 piece puzzle that my great aunt gave us the other day.... and man is it hard!  But it's hours of FREE entertainment - and who doesn't love that?!

this is what it's supposed to look like....i'll be sure to let you know if we ever get it done....:



  1. It was a busy weekend! Do people line up at Costco for the samples? Or what?

  2. I have no clue - it was the weirdest Coscto experience ever!

    Also - my loafs of bread look much better, but my buns don't look nearly as fluffy as yours....i'm thinking b/c it was late I didn't let it rise enough.

  3. I really should vacuum and clean more frequently than I do...

  4. lol I love the Costco lineup!

    People probably wanted to bewat the rush to get snacks for the Olympics? Maybe, Idk. I know the one I go to is often like that too!

    As for vacuuming, I usually vacuum the main floor (living room, dining room & kitchen) every day, and I do the stairs to both the updatirs and basement 1x/week as well as the bedrooms, loft and basement 1x/week. I do have 2 huge dogs that shed like crazy though which is why the main floor gets vacummed so much. If I let it go for just 1 day it looks like a mess :/

  5. holy! That's a BIG line-up for just REGULAR shopping day.

    I vaccum once a week during the weekends. The stairs though... I do about once every 3 or 4 weeks. Basically because I hate lifting my vaccum down the stairs as I'm vaccuming. SO HEAVY!

  6. Crazy line! I used to work at a Canadian Tire though and often on Saturday mornings in the summer we would have a lineup outside, men! I vacuum about once every two weeks, it should be more too, but it's all stuff you really can't see on the carpet. I love doing puzzles, BF and I need to get a few more puzzles, I always dibs doing the edge pieces!

  7. I've been dying to find a shelving unit for my scrapbooking supplies/ projects. What did you end up using? I was thinking a mini-bookshelf from Target or Walmart. :)

  8. @ Serendipity - I picked up the six high Antonius shelf from ikea ($18) and got 3 wire baskets and then one 25L tub and one 50L tub for it. It's working out pretty well!

    @ Girl Makes Cents - we did the edge first, and then we built the house...the last parts are the water and the sky - will be super hard!

  9. i love puzzles. it makes me want to buy one and work on it.


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